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If you own a car, you know that the number of things that can go wrong with it is seemingly endless. From simple upkeep and maintenance to frustrating troubles that require repair and replacement, you’re bound to visit a mechanic sooner or later. That’s why it is important to find a trusted professional who can make the experience as easy and painless as possible.  

Ratchet Brothers is your one stop shop for all your maintenance needs!


If your AC isn’t working, there could be a number of different causes. Our ASE-certified technicians are ready to diagnose the problem and offer you viable options for repairs and replacements.


Let us handle you scheduled and unscheduled maintenance needs! We offer virtually everything needed to keep your car on the road. Oil / Fuel Filter Change, Tire Rotations, State Inspection, Brake Pads, Tune Ups, 30,60, 90k Maintenance, and more!


The check engine light means there’s a problem, and in many cases it won't go away on its own. If the root cause of the light coming on isn’t diagnosed accurately, the problem will just reappear, sending you back to the automotive shop. Let Ratchet Brothers save you time by doing the diagnostic check right the first time.


Using our state of the art alignment equipment, our highly trained technicians are able to get a precise readout  and adjust your alignment to meet or exceed factory specs.  Need your tires Rotated, Mounted, or Balanced? We can do that too. 


Do not just let any old automotive mechanic change your oil or service your brakes. We have seen many vehicles severely damaged from careless oil changes. At Ratchet Brothers we will ensure that your oil and braking systems are serviced with the best products and with great attention to detail!


The suspension system keeps you in control when you're operating your vehicle on the road. Ratchet Brothers will ensure your safety by keeping your off road or daily driver suspension system fresh and ready for all the turns and straight away the road has to offer. 

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