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  • Engine Diagnostics

  • Engine Seals / Gasket Inspection

  • 30 / 60 / 90k Mileage Engine Services

  • Engine Tune Up (Spark Plugs, Wiring, Timing etc.)

  • Air / Fuel Filter Replacement

  • Timing Belt Installation / Service / Inspection

  • Fuel System Diagnostics / Repair

  • Transmission Diagnostics / Fluids / Service

  • Ignition System Diagnostics / Repair

  • Engine Sensor Diagnostics / Repair

  • O2 Sensor Service / Repair

  • Computer System Diagnostics

  • Water Pump / Radiator Repair

  • Complete Engine Rebuilds

  • Engine Removal / Installation

  • Transmission Removal / Installation

We are capable of accomplishing virtually any task needed for your vehicle. If you have a question and see something that is not listed above please call us and inquire! Chances are we have just the solution!


The timing belt is the engine part that needs the most common major service. Belts should be checked at 60,000 miles and again at 100,000 miles.

Oil leaks are a clear sign of an engine in need of service, and they’re almost always the direct result of poor maintenance. Seals become hard and dry and fail to protect against fluid loss. Leaks can lead to catastrophic engine failures.

Tune-ups can mean different things for different cars, but it usually involves spark plug replacement, spark plug wire inspection, setting of the timing belt or timing chain, a thorough, diagnostic inspection of engine parts, and the replacement of air filters and fuel filters when needed.


Ratchet Brothers Automotive can provide repair services for your ignition systems, ignition wires, crank case, fuel pump, water pump, sensors—including the oxygen (O2) sensor— distributor cap, and rotor.

At Ratchet Brothers we specialize in the Diagnosis, Repair, and Maintenance of your entire vehicle...Engine bay included. 

Engine Repair
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