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Correctly aligned wheels and tires improve driver safety, driver control and make the most of the life of your tires. Poor suspension alignment and cockeyed wheels and tires can reduce the life of your tires and void aftermarket warranties by causing premature and patchy treadwear.

Ratchet Brothers uses the John Bean alignment rack provided by Snap-On Tools for its examination and detailed measurements that allow a vehicle and its suspension components to be aligned back to the factory requirements set by your vehicles manufacture.

There are vehicles that require additional suspension parts that will be necessary to return the steering and suspension geometry to its original alignment specifications. The John Bean alignment equipment joined with the Ratchet Brothers team of technician's will correctly diagnose and recommend the correct alignment solution for your vehicle.

Below are facts about the alignment technology and what the alignment technicians will contemplate.


Caster is the relationship of the wheels to the steering column, ball joints, steering knuckles, and tie rod ends connecting them. Caster measures how this steering and suspension system, including the steering axis, is connected to the wheels, based on the position of upper and lower tie rods within the wheels.

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