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The suspension system keeps you in control when you're operating your vehicle on the road. Ratchet Brothers will ensure your safety by keeping your off road or daily driver suspension system fresh and ready for all the turns and straight away the road has to offer.


A shock or strut’s life is roughly 55k miles. Used up suspension components diminish the stability and safety of a vehicle and decrease the driver’s control. They also accelerate wear and tear on other suspension system components and your tires.

Replacing your shocks and struts after 50,000 miles will help your vehicle’s stopping distance. Ratchet Brothers offers shock and strut replacement services intended specifically to reinstate your vehicle’s suspension system to factory conditions. New shocks and struts provide much more than an improved ride, enhanced handling, control, stability and shorter braking distances, New shocks and struts offer a piece of mind.


  • Fluid leaking out of the shock or strut body

  • Shock or strut bodies are dented or damaged

  • Mounts or bushings are broken or worn

  • Cupped, uneven tire wear

  • Vehicle sways or leans on turns

  • Vehicle 'nose dives' when you apply the brakes

  • Excessive bouncing after hitting a road bump

  • Harsh, bumpy or shaky ride

  • Steering is stiff or makes noise

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